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Current Members of BB&C:

No matter the event -- whether it be faire, festival, or gathering -- our music is a ministry. We aim to touch others' lives with our music; to unite people from all different paths, and give them joy -- even if for a brief moment.

 Primarily an a capella vocal group, Bell Book and Canto is a vivacious group of women with the yearning to sing. They are proud to call the majority of the music in their performances "theirs," with shows composed of a number of originals, as well as traditional and classical covers. They perform music from a slew of different genres, ranging from folk to sacred, along with classical and contemporary. The girls also have a lot of fun writing and performing women's bawdy tunes and drinking songs -- because they can't let the boys have all the fun! Many audiences enjoy their variety of fun, rowdy tunes, including the occasional song about poor life choices, with a pirate shanty thrown in for good measure. Sprinkled throughout their shows, you will find beautiful harmonies and complex dynamics, as well as lilting tunes, and refrains that ring of yesteryear. In the end, music is how Bell Book and Canto celebrate their respective paths, worldviews, and spiritualities -- and they love sharing those passions with their audience.

 We are available for many types of events, including: faires, spiritual retreats and gatherings, seasonal festivals, and weddings. For information about whether we are a good fit for your event, please contact us. Thank you for your consideration!

If you're looking for someone to blame for Bell Book and Canto, look no further! Jennifer Jones has been writing music since her second piano lesson. She studied vocal performance and music composition at Western Michigan University for just under three years, and currently writes a large amount of the group's original music. She pulls inspiration from her favorite composers; mainly Bach's counterpoint and Debussy's impressionistic harmonies, making her melodies vivid and interesting, and the harmonies full and beautiful. Known for her coloratura vocal qualities and flexibility, she is generally heard anywhere from the low tenor ranges to high in the rafters. Jenn's ability for bringing the best out of anyone's vocal cords is second to none, and her boisterous and gregarious nature make for a great stage show. Jenn has been quoted to love four things in the world: music, food, her animals, and her husband. It's also safe to say that the group itself, and its members, hold a very special place in her heart. 


Jenn Jones

Elle Knight

Elle Knight comes from a family of musicians, and has always had the talent for creating beautiful sounds, as well as the urge to be in the spotlight. She studied piano and organ from the age of three, and had a home-grown education in harmony and vocals from family parties and the Beatles' discography. After leaving home to attend boarding school and college, she began studying classical voice, and her talent blossomed into a life-long skill. With training in ballet and belly dance, as well as many woodwinds and brass instruments, she enjoys employing various aspects of the arts on stage to create a full, well-rounded performance -- and her sarcastic wit only adds to the fun. With a very wide vocal range, her crystaline soprano vocals can be heard on high, while she also has a strong alto or tenor voice when needed. Bell Book and Canto's resident class clown and goth, Elle enjoys video gaming and metal, with some classical and opera thrown in for good measure. 

Past Members of BB&C:

 Susan Fisher is a gardener, science educator, artist, and grandmother, who previously sang soprano in her choir and music theater careers. She focused on other things for thirty years, before joining the Hearth and Grove Fellowship choir in 2007. Shortly after, Susan became a founding member of Bell Book and Canto. Always heard humming a tune, she no longer sings soprano, but her alto timbre can be heard under the harmonies. Also a composer, Susan has written original pieces that are sung by the group, and as a founding Mother of Bell Book and Canto, her influence will always be cherished. Her kind and earthy disposition makes her a friend to many.

Lisa Tyson has been singing all of her life, and music has always been a release for her. She sang in church, and then became a member of Kalamazoo Children's Chorus, where she sang for four years. After being recommended for the Hearth and Grove choir, she became good friends with Susan, who introduced her to Jenn, and history was made. Her sweet, lilting soprano voice can be heard floating way above in Irish tunes and classical pieces alike, while her alto capabilities help to make her the flexible and competent vocalist that she is. She has also studied piano and viola, and enjoys keeping a beat on the tambourine for tunes that employ percussion. Lisa is happily married, and is also a professional baker by trade, where she makes some of the most beautiful and artistic cakes and breads in town. She is beloved by her singing sisters for her sweet personality -- and sweet desserts!

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